On Nature, Form, and Computation

This coming Wednesday October 12, I am going to discuss my current research in the field of Computational Design with you.

The research is focused on origins of form and how morphogenesis can be simulated computationally in order to help architectural designers to come up with functional forms, functions which can be dictated by environmental constraints and/or architecture.

I will start the discussion with representation of what I have studied, and learned through the research, and continue with sharing my ideas for developing a digital form making environment, inspired by natural processes. Finally, I would like to hear your questions, comments, and arguments – especially regarding these issues:

1- How important is the role that generative algorithms can play in design?
2- How these algorithms can enable designers to improve their design?
3- What representation, regarding genotype creation, can interact with designers in a more meaningful manner?
4- Technicalities of developing a digital form making environment

Followings are some of the resources that the discussion is based on:

Material-based design computation (Neri Oxman, 2010)
The confluence of digital design (Shani Sharif, 2010)
Generative morphologies of architectural organization in matter force field (Murat Mutlu, 2010)
An evolutionary Architecture (John Frazer, 1995)
On Evolution and Development (HHMI Holiday Series 2005)
Hox Gene (Wikipedia)
Introduction to Biomimcry